Hostage Pageant & The Cherry Point & Kazuma Kubota CD

The body tackling harsh noise of Hostage Pageant, the long-form maelstromic exhumation of The Cherry Point, and the laser cut-up precision of Kazuma Kubota.

Three artists across 53 minutes, CD in an edition of 200 copies.

For orders outside the USA, please contact Cipher Productions.



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Sissy Spacek "Slow Move" CD + White Gold "2" CD + ? + ? + ? + ? + ?

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AMK - Super Panoramic Sound 5000 CD

The first full-length AMK cd in nearly 10 years! Long running & influential American noise artist Anthony M. King returns with a new disc of broken records, found sound, found broken records, and more. Twenty-nine tracks - designed for random play - nearly endless possibilities! Featuring input by Damion Romero, Geoff Brandin (Fin), Erik Hoffman & Jorge Martin (Spastic Colon), and Bob Bellerue.

mp3: Jamboree (02:59, 2.8mb)


Astromero - Astromero 2 3CD

Damion Romero / Astro (Hiroshi Hasegawa, C.C.C.C.) collab. A complete collection of live recordings from the 2006 Astromero tour. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland and Brooklyn. You cannot simply hear this, you will FEEL it.

mp3: Live at CCA, San Francisco Part 1 (08:03, 9.22mb)


Black Sand Desert - Choking on Grave Soil CD

Cinder block snakes pummeling through intricately woven nests, kneading maliciously at the middle, trying relentlessly & desperately to break through. A silver haired piper tries calling his snakes back home, stretches his vocal chords deep & wide but only whispers trickle out. They move too fast for him to catch. He closes his eyes tightly and follows them out & away, admiring their persistance & brilliant navigation with an envious heart. Their scales push outward and gash the softness open leaving shards and soggy ash in a twisting tail behind them. You can hear meat tearing in waves of coarse & uneven static, swelling & expanding as if they carve a new base, a fresh home. They bury their coiled bodies deep inside, knotting tails & heads into electric branches, you can hear the branches spitting up electricity and the way their fire crackles first and thunders immediately after. He circles the landscape like a madman trying to find the slithering escape artists that have left him behind. Their buzzing rattles growing larger & larger serve as his compass & guide. He picks up and fondles the skin they shed & tease him with. He can hear them digging, getting further & further inside, spilling wildfire in the folds & flesh. The end is here and the sounds they make reflect it, a blister covered whistling tone thins itself into nothing & disappears. They are lost and so is he...

Black Sand Desert is the bleak harsh noise sideproject from Greh (Chondritic Sound) Holger.

"This is sinus-cleaning stuff, blinding walls of sonic filth the way good noise should be."
- Dead Angel

mp3: track 2 (excerpt) (02:00, 1.83mb)


Phil Blankenship - Sex Magik Cassette

A limited edition cassette reissue of the out of print Sex Magik cd and lp. The Cherry Point's Phil Blankenship puts to tape what some may consider his most criminally insane concept and harshest noise yet — stripping one of the most ubiquitous L.A. albums of the '90s of its Frusciante funk guitar and funky-ass Flea bass, leaving only the words that were once too easily unheard.

A legacy-destroying new low. A single-session spoken word interpretation of the complete lyrics to the Red Hot Chili Peppers' landmark album Blood Sugar Sex Magik. All audio stumbles, mispronunciations, and apartment squeal preserved.


BT.HN - Her Serpent CD

Deep, crushing soundwork fueled by the dark power of Sam McKinlay (THE RITA). Obscured vocal rituals and throbbing electronics push through shifting harsh walls. PLAY AS LOUD AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE

mp3: Garter Choke (excerpt) (05:00, 4.58mb)


The Cherry Point - Black Witchery CD

In 2004, The Cherry Point completed a trilogy of limited edition 3" cdrs, released on Chondritic Sound, Fargone Records, and Audiobot. Now collected and remastered, the dark spell has been cast as Black Witchery, a murky potion of macabre frequencies, derelict moans, satanic power and the hideous stench of occult slaughter.

A black mass ritual for fans of Evilspeak, The Gate, Satan's Black Wedding, Ghoulies 2 (the one set at a carnival), The Tempter, Paura Nella Città dei Morti Viventi, The Legend of Hell House, and John Cassavetes in Incubus (1982) + Rosemary's Baby (1968).

"Blankenship has stepped up the gore and fright factor by letting the mind have room enough to imagine the terrible." - Lucas Schleicher, Brainwashed

mp3: virgin witch (excerpt) (01:48, 1.66mb)
         devil's witch (excerpt) (04:58, 4.54mb)


The Cherry Point - Misery Guts CD

CD reissue of a 2004 favorite from the TCP back catalog, originally released on cassette by the legendary Since 1972 label. Odd, off-putting and completely gross, this is more total noise puke, visceral shriek and clotted gunk than pure HNW. Completely remastered to full sick, crunch and distortion. Packaged in a jewel case with new artwork designed by John Wiese. Limited to 500 copies on Phage Tapes. FOR MUTANTS ONLY

mp3: Misery Guts (excerpt) (02:01, 2.32mb)


The Cherry Point and John Wiese - White Gold CD

A white hot flamethrower recorded live at Camp Blood, Los Angeles, CA.

Limited edition digipak cd / 10th anniversary reissue of the Troniks LP.


Contagious Orgasm -
From the Irresponsible Country Sounds CD


Contagious Orgasm's music is a strong blend of melody, rhythm, sound collage tape manipulation, noise, and textured soundtracks made from a veritable junk heap of sampled oddities and processed performance. long-running japanese electronic/experimental/sound collage artist with releases on Ant-Zen, Groundfault, & more.

"Both songs are elegant and hypnotic works of music, noise, and perfectly arranged sound experimentation." - Lucas Schleicher, Brainwashed

mp3: Ill-Treatment Endlessly (10:40, 12.2mb)


Deathroes - Hate Fuck CD

Deathroes is Gerritt (Misanthropic Agenda label) Wittmer and Ryan (aka SIXES) Jencks. The debut release from this Oakland dark noise super group is cold and hateful, filled with spite, equal parts harsh and black.

mp3: track 1 (05:59, 6.84mb)


Devillock - These Graves CD

DEVILLOCK: It's all in stop motion. It's all real. Up, out from under all places molded and GUNKED. Slithering spool tapes sliding like thin brown snakes under, amongst, and finally overtop and around. They overtake the crumbling corpsed-up organ grinder. He, with his grin full of rot and fingers of stank, is ever so pleased to allow the decayed magnetics to engulf his skeletal frame, it is how his power is attained (maintained). Only when wrapped tightly and over his entire torso and head (a tape mummy!) will he begin to play. Quietly at first, as if from a distance - but he is there, RIGHT THERE GODDAMIT - and then the groan and the moaning howl and the static insects all begin to draw near, an orchestra of loneliness. Can you still feel your legs? As your head is slowly filled with ants, you are posed a question: "What do you make?" he is asking. "What do you make... of THESE GRAVES?"

DEVILLOCK is Justin Chris Meyers on organ, tapes, and electronics. Justin also runs the record and tape label Tone Filth and has other additional musical projects including Panther Skull. Matthew St. Germain (Freedom From record label) plays bass on the first track of These Graves. Mastered by Pete Swanson (D Yellow Swans).

"Noise as it's supposed to be: menacing, not by the harshness of it's sound, but by the content of what its sound has to offer." - Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

mp3: These Graves (excerpt) (04:00, 5.49mb)


Envenomist - Abyssal Siege CD

Heavy Midwest synth work from David Reed (Luasa Raelon, Snip Snip label). Black pulses guide through a Lovecraftian void of murk horror and total darkness. Following a recent Hanson Records cassette and Bloodlust! 7", Abyssal Siege presents four tracks of Reed's most suffocating sound yet.

"A great collection of lovecaften inspired droning dark ambience." - Musique Machine

mp3: Ensnarled (09:25, 10.7mb)


Gate to Gate - I Turn Black Keys CD

Confused like a two-headed snake trying to bite its own non-existant tail, Gate to Gate churn through gross tones, bass shudder and worst of all - vocals - with exactly the maladroit precision you'd expect from such a beast. This release presents one new 38 minute mess of blackened clatter and clunk, as well as collects their two extremely limited cassettes BANE and HOUSE WITH THE CLOCK IN ITS WALLS in remastered form. Heavy-handed and heavy-footed industrial noise by all accounts. from the blackened minds of Greh (Hive Mind, Chondritic Sound) and Mike Connelly (Hair Police, Wolf Eyes, Gods of Tundra).

"The best PACrec missive to date. Even the most suffocating stretches of I Turn Black Keys are elivened by the thick, aural blood coursing through the group's inexhaustible veins."
- Marc Masters, Wire

mp3: Bane 1 (excerpt) (00:58, 0.92mb)
         Bane 2 (excerpt) (01:00, 0.94mb)


Government Alpha - Venomous Cumulus Cloud CD

Long-running Japanese noise legend Government Alpha returns with his newest sci-fi odyssey, a cataclysmic adventure of volcanic blazes and time machine blasts. A six track, forty minute barrage of extremely loud electronics.

"Simply put this is one hell of a ride, its prime noise on the same level as some of Merzbow's best work." - Roger Batty, Musique Machine

mp3: Imaginary Fears (05:57, 6.81mb)


Heavy Seals - Jazz Bust CD

Xeaxx Xeaxx (pronounced "Heavy Seals") is a group consisting of: Brace Paine (The Gossip / Die Monitr Batss) + John Wiese (Sissy Spacek).

Xeaxx Xeaxx play music like Magic Johnson plays Basketball (very rarely & coughing & sweating alot while doing so). John Wiese plays dolley, forks, shampoo bottle, shower, comb & Brace Paine plays the guitar, the lips, hair straightener, blowdryer, glass of milk & one nacho cheese dorito.

Xeaxx Xeaxx is NOT musique concrete! They are the musical equivalent of cum covered sheets. Xeaxx Xeaxx are NOT experimental noise they are sexy temperamental boys. Xeaxx Xeaxx are NOT punk avante-garde men of the night they are the funk version of vanna whites hard boyfriend, who is also a knight.

The Xeaxx Xeaxx have found great influence in womens haircuts, Yoko Onos fingertips, Brace Paines fathers ability to fix a car & kill two deers in one day, John Wieses' video collection & John Wieses' girlfriend ("I hope they are very happy together and maybe one day they will get married. I have never met her but i'm sure she is a delightful girl & if she makes John happy then that is good enough for me. Congratulations John! Can i be the best man? I promise i wont lose the ring, but if i do i will buy a new one i swear! As long as it isnt more than $4,000!! JUST KIDDING MAN I LOVE YOU, SERIOUSLY!!!" -Brace Paine).

Xeaxx Xeaxx will be playing in a bathroom near you. Feel free to call us if you want us to talk about anything (i love to talk about John Wiese) at: 503. 753. 1843, ask for Brace Paine.

"Jazz Bust is an explosion of sexual and mechanised realisations that is boiling over with mad ideas." - Edwin Pouncey, Wire

mp3: Jazz Bust (04:03, 3.71mb)


Z. Karkowski / Torturing Nurse / Dickson Dee - Penetration CD

Blistering frequencies, white-light feedback, damaged instruments, digital blasts and tortured shrieks: renowned experimental audio agitator Zbigniew Karkowski meets the Chinese true noise underground. A Torturing Nurse (Youki / Misuzu / Miriam / Junky) explosion landscape where anything/everything can/will go dangerously out of control. Recorded in Shanghai, China, 2006.

mp3: track 2 (03:38, 4.15mb)


Knurl - Scyamine CD

Since 1994, Alan Bloor (Knurl) has obsessively explored the sound of distorted amplified metal. On Scyamine, he creates a scrapyard inferno of roaring feedback & blown speakers, live & raw, produced from found stainless steel.

Relentlessly rushing forward, constantly moving through a maze of grinding scrapes and crashes, Knurl reaffirms his position as the Canadian king of harsh noise.

"Savage metallic junk noise for the discerning noisehead." - Dead Angel

mp3: Entrosyme (05:23, 4.93mb)


Knurl - Vermifuge CD

Sounds culled from a three foot diameter pavement saw blade drawn-out into an overheated red zone of pure, relentless noise. Godzilla battle scenes, metal shredding into concrete, car crash test missions, construction & destruction, a continuous calamity that feels not unlike the primeval force of nature.

mp3: Part III (07:57, 9.11mb)

LHD - Opaque CD

A Blankenship / Wiese car crash of shattered glass and twisted steel released on the legendary PURE sublabel of RRRecords.

mp3: Opaque 2 (12:21, 11.3mb)


Luasa Raelon - Consumed Within The Years of Lead CD

Debut full length cd of brooding, dark industrial with complex structure and sense of space that inspires a sense of unease and total dread. MIDNIGHT MUSIC from David Reed (Envenomist, Snip Snip label). Mastered by Cordell Klier with artwork by Scott Candey (Crionic Media/Gruntsplatter).

"Luasa Raelon is truly a unique creature in the noise and dark ambient genres, creating brilliantly complex structures that constantly change and move on to something else, creating a feel and sound this is completely it's own. It really is that fucking good." - Industrial.org

mp3: Forging New Alloys (04:36, 4.21mb)


Mania - Armed To The Teeth CD

Armed isolation / anxious audio from K.B. (Taint). Overdrive crust, shooting range scrap mix, distorted hum, crushed concrete, and distant, hate-filled vocals. UNPLEASANT ELECTRONICS. ESSENTIAL TEXAS.

mp3: excerpt (05:58, 5.46mb)


Lasse Marhaug - The Great Silence CD

The Great Silence is probably the BEST recording I have ever heard from Lasse. It was recorded in Jørgen Træen's (professional) studio, and it's produced by Golden Serenades (Træen + John Hegre)... While Lasse himself has said that the disc is "as primitive as it gets", I wouldn't really agree... What it is, is a devastatingly PURE display of the finest kind of harsh noise, and yet another in the long line of records showing Marhaug's incredible feeling for vital and living noise. Highest recommendation for this one... fucking ESSENTIAL!
-- Tommy Carlsson (Treriksröset / Segerhuva)

"Fearsomely relentless" - Wire

"A sturdy, hefty mark on the scene" - Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

mp3: The Great Silence (08:10, 9.34mb)


Oscillating Innards - Nadir Emergence CD

Molded and refined throughout 2007 and 2008, Nadir Emergence is the first official CD and second full-length of Oscillating Innards; a document of the recurring and parallel themes of artistic/romantic failure and the forces of insignificance and degradation. Encompassing and hybridizing elements of electroacoustic harsh noise, deliberate tonal studies, atmospheric drone collage and severe power electronics, Nadir Emergence is a dense and breathing environment of evocative sound and lyrics, steeped in continually growing and failing tones, recurring and degrading melody, and vehement sentiment. This is deeply personal music of smoldering roots and crumbling achievement.

"This is an excellent recording, very well thought-out and executed." - Blood Ties WebZine

mp3: excerpt (07:00, 6.41mb)


Richard Ramirez & Skin Crime -
Pleasure, Commerce & Disease CD


ABRASIVELY CAUSTIC HARSH ELECTRONICS. A thick & raw wall of unpleasant feelings for your final dead days. Mail collaboration between two noise legends. For over 10 years Ramirez has explored noise fetish through his projects, solo works, Black Leather Jesus + many other Texas audio traumas, plus his legendary/productive label Deadline Recordings. Over the past decade Skin Crime has released a variety of experimental sounds across an assortment of different formats/labels as well as run the highly influential Self Abuse Records.

"Executed with a great sense of love for true noise." - Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

mp3: The Smell of Hospitals (excerpt) (05:02, 4.61mb)


The Rita - Bodies Bear Traces of Carnal Violence CD

ABSOLUTELY UNCOMPROMISING. Pure sound influenced by Italian Giallo violence & harsh noise cassette culture. Extreme, dirty, low-end electronic crust. First proper cd release from this long-running Canadian cult act, following notable cdrs on Self Abuse Records & Chondritic Sound as well as several self released cassettes. Two tracks, 60+ minutes, including a collaboration with Texas sleaze sicko Mania (Taint). black gloves and razors.

"This has to be the harshest, most violent and extreme exercise in noise that I've ever experienced." - Rue Morgue Magazine

mp3: Vice Wears Black Hose (excerpt) (05:00, 4.58mb)


The Rita - Thousands of Dead Gods CD

The Rita returns with his second full length cd, his ultimate tribute to the GREAT WHITE SHARK. Almost academic in his noise purity obsession, The Rita mercilessly charts every nuance of crunch & crumble, the space between demolition, white out & heavy flood. Dead Gods pushes nearly 60 minutes thick of RAW WALL, recorded live using source sound from great white shark cage diving.

mp3: excerpt (05:00, 4.58mb)


The Rita - The Voyage Of The Decima MAS CD

From the mind behind Thousands Of Dead Gods and Bodies Bear Traces Of Carnal Violence comes a sea of obsessed deliberation and suffocating HARSH WAVE. Sourced from live snorkeling murk, overdriven detail defines the unfathomable abyss. The Voyage Of The Decima MAS proves there is NO MORE HOPE.

mp3: excerpt (05:00, 4.58mb)


Roman Torment - Skin Game CD

Los Angeles blast purge duo of Jeff Witscher (Impregnable, Rene Hell, Secret Abuse, Abelar Scout) and Evan Pacewicz (Moth Drakula). Skin Game collects the sounds of alcohol rage, overloaded mixers, sexual fetish and misplaced aggression, remastered tracks from their early Black Spring and Bewilderment cassettes and new shots of filth & fury. Turbulent, rough, violent. 7 tracks, 35 minutes. Mastered loud by Thomas Garrison.

"This is the sound of real old-school monolithic power electronics, and it crushes...." - Dead Angel

mp3: track 6 (05:04, 4.65mb)


Damion Romero - Negative CD

Wavering tonal drone & feedback shift slowly through the Los Angeles wasteland. Intense & focused, incorporating the haze & smog of the LA skyline, Damion Romero presents his bleakest recording to date. Active since the early '90s with his influential projects Speculum Fight and Slug, Romero has learned to sculpt minimal bass frequencies to fill rooms, crack walls, and shatter skulls.

"Visceral, almost entirely beyond language." - Tiny Mix Tapes

mp3: excerpt (05:00, 4.58mb)


Sewer Election - Sex / Death CD

Raw, textured grit amid turbine electronics & harsh metalic hell, Sex / Death is devastating noise decadence from Sweden's Dan Johansson. Reissue of the speaker shredding two tape set originally released on his own Harsh Head Rituals label, the wreckage has now been remastered to appreciate every crunch & mangled detail but retain its gutter filth & power.

"Artist most likely to restore harshhead credibility to Sweden" - Jason Soddy / T.A.D.M.

mp3: track 3 (excerpt) (05:00, 4.58mb)


Mike Shiflet - Ichinomiya 5.3.6 CD

This album isn't a dedication to Mike Shiflet's home in rural Japan but rather an attempt to replicate the mindset the village inspires and put the listener in the same headspace. Please listen to the disc in its entirety. Turn everything else off and play loud.

"The effect is excellent and oddly moving." - Brian Olewnick, Bagatellen

"superlative, evocative work calling to mind eliane radigue’s extended stasis and the delicate rumble/whine of any number of classic era live-electronic improvisors..." - Mimaroglu

mp3: excerpt (05:00, 4.58mb)


Sickness / Slogun -
The Scars of Happiness / Always Numb CD


Sickness crafts his own brand of technical harsh, detail oriented blasts that cut and shatter. Movement, complexity, intensity; the defining elements of the Sickness sound. Includes a cover of the classic Slogun track "Kill to Forget".

From the gutters of New York City, Slogun is a punch in the gut, a kick in the face to the power electronics community.  Singularly obsessed, Slogun IS true crime, violent and dirty. Constant abuse, shouted vocals, searing sound.

This release rescues all of the material from the extremely limited double 3" cdr set released for their 2003 Japan tour. Packaged in PACrec-style cd wallet with four panel insert.

mp3: Sickness - My Coma (06:06, 6.97mb)
         Slogun - One Simple Little Thing (excerpt) (01:00, 0.94mb)


Sissy Spacek - Slow Move CD

Blankenship / Mumma / Wiese

A low tech grumble of dynamic basement frequencies and stoic screech to form an uncomfortable and uncompromising electronic wail from the depths. Edition of 200.

Headphone use is recommended for maximum discomfort.

mp3: White Knuckle (04:50, 6.65mb)


SIXES - Cursed Beast CD

Heavy rhythmic manipulations, guitar skrees, haunted vocals, drones and burly noise, all processed and mixed in a foul pit of hate. Cursed Beast was the product of two years (2002-2003) of recording work by Ryan (Deathroes, Crash Worship) Jencks, faced with nothing but recording problems and broken tooth nightmares, anger and hatred seething into a gnarled account of his time and frustrations, the Cursed Beast. HIDE YOUR DAUGHTERS.

mp3: Wroughten Wretch (02:14, 2.57mb)


16 Bitch Pile-Up - Bury Me Deep CD

The California dreams that led to death... There's twists, bends, curves, scrapes, and bumps. The atmosphere was simply frustrating and depressing - good! The ending is a shocker of sorts, each track is an unpredictable event that makes your heart beat with more than just suspense, but pure emotion - yes, definitely emotion. I even cried. Twice.

16 Bitch Pile-Up are a fierce 3 piece squall of Heartland (now California) electronics, thick moans, and scraped effects. Having previously performed at such noteworthy festivals as All Tomorrow's Parties, No Fun and Wooden Octopus Skull, 16BPU here presents their first widely available cd. Full color (+ naughty) fold out cover artwork in jewelcase. Limited edition of 1,000.

mp3: The Earth Was Loose (11:05, 12.6mb)


Testicle Hazard - Everything Has Its Price CD

Lasse Marhaug - electronics // Tommi Keränen - electronics

100% live recording - no overdub, no midi synth. LOUD / FAST / HARSH

"The two gentlemen behind this project are masters of their craft" - Mikko Aspa

"Marhaug and Keränen clearly relish the thick, mucoid textures they conjure and seem willing to assert their physical presence in a way that many contemporaries wouldn't or couldn't." - Wire

mp3: At The Loft (excerpt) (04:30, 4.12mb)


Tourette - Jardin du sommeil CD

Long awaited new full length cd (full title = Jardin du sommeil. Chant d'amour sur la nuit grandissante.) from Parisian harsh noise artist Tourette (Benjamin Clement). Three extremely well structured compositions of violently rapid, sharp cut-up electronic and junk metal tones contrasting and melding beautifully with darkly passionate, subdued atmospheres. An epic achievement of incredibly detailed and moving harsh noise.

mp3: Chant D'Amour (08:56, 10.2mb)


White Gold - White Gold 2 CD

A JOHN WIESE / PHIL BLANKENSHIP maelstrom at maximum fucking pressure. Over forty minutes of new harsh electronics from the duo behind LHD. A white hot sheet of deafening sound from 2016, including a full performance recorded live at Human Resources. Edition of 200.

White Gold - Live at Human Resources video on YouTube.


John Wiese - Mirror CD

A minimal and mesmerizing piece of real-time tape music exploring stark and brutal elements for absolute immersion. Mirror is simultaneously the extended soundtrack for a new video work by John Wiese and a reissue of the long sold-out Tumbler LP on No Fun Productions, completely remastered for playback intensity and arrives with all new visuals from the artist. Los Angeles 2005. Exclusive first CD edition from Troniks. Play loud like your life depends on it.


Yellow Swans & The Cherry Point - Live at Camp Blood CD

Live at Camp Blood, a psychic seance of toxic neon junk, collaborative retch and wrangle. The is the new sound of vomit crunk, a heaving mess of strangled feedback & black mood confusion, death grasp electronics, mangled guitar and mutilated voices congealing into an unpleasant future.

Just who could have survived and what was left of them? NO ONE / NOTHING.

Mastered by Pete Swanson to be as uncomfortable as possible.
Full color artwork in jewelcase: cover by Jesse Jackson, designed by John Wiese.

"The most arresting and peaceful space ever created under the name of noise."
- Lucas Schleicher, Brainwashed

mp3: excerpt (02:30, 2.29mb)